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WMML Services:

Consultancy in the dry bulk minerals sector

Auger Sample: Wardrop of Wardrop Minerals Management Limited
Core Drilling: Wardrop of Wardrop Minerals Management Limited
Quarry Development: Wardrop of Wardrop Minerals Management Limited
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WMML is a consultancy embracing decades of mineral development experience throughout the UK and internationally combined with wide corporate experience. The company offers geology based technical advice; wider management advice on tactics, strategy and portfolio management; participation in project development teams or the identification of specialist teams; and Expert Witness services. We can provide Interim Management to cover absences of client in-house geology staff, and contribution to training programmes.

Wardrop Minerals Management services

  • Expert Teams
  • Advice
  • Interim Management
  • Mineral Exploration and Assessment
  • Training
  • Quarry Development Planning

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+44 (0)1462 743005